by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Paperback, 1995




Pocket (1995), 176 pages


Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to your dog? Or what it smells and sounds like? Do dogs have crushes or love affairs? Do they dream, and what about? This book is the result of 30 years of living with dogs, wolves and dingoes. The author visits their minds and provides an insight into a species different from our own, but in many respects surprisingly the same.


½ (157 ratings; 3.6)

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LibraryThing member Molave
Decidedly anecdotal (as opposed to scientific)---but still an enlightening read for any dog owner who wishes to better understand his pet. My only complaint was how Ms. Thomas sometimes made odd interpretations of the actions of her dogs.
LibraryThing member coffeeandtea
Although I have some concerns about the way in which the author would let her dogs roam at night, I still think the book has many fascinating insights into dog society and should be read by those who enjoy the companionship of dogs.
LibraryThing member carterchristian1
The idea of thrree generations of dogs in a single household makes this a book of good suggestions about writing abour the different dogs in a family or person's lives. Maybe because we have just lost a dog who belonged to my husband makes this particularly appearling.
LibraryThing member oldman
A sensitive insightful book about how dogs see their world. Follows several dogs belongng to the author, describing their activities, communications, dominence patterns and other "secret" aspects of dogs' lives.
LibraryThing member Philogos
This is a fascinting book, partly because it raises at least as many questions as it answers. This lady is clearly a complete lunatic - she follows her dog around at night on a bicycle, for goodness sakes - but she gives you a feeling (or perhaps the illusion of a feeling) about what goes on inside
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a dog's head that is absolutlely fascinating. There is also a sense of loss as all of the dogs she knows get older and, one by one, eventually die in one way or another.

The book is short (I read it in one day without being more than usually anti-social) but well recommended to anyone with a heart.
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LibraryThing member AliceAnna
This was an interesting book, but kind of disappointing. It wasn't what I was expecting. I thought it would be more about what certain things that dogs do mean, but it was more centered on the pack mentality, etc. But it was still very interesting.
LibraryThing member corgidog2
For dog lovers--fascinating.
LibraryThing member bobholt
Utterly fascinating.


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