You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again

by Julia Phillips

Paperback, 1992




Signet (1992), 144 pages


Oscar-winning producer Julia Phillps's work on Taxi Driver, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and The Sting, made her famous. This is the memoir that made her infamous--a downfall chronicle of a private hell that could only have been written by someone with nothing left to lose.


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LibraryThing member majorbabs
Movie producer Philips, now deceased, had her ups and downs with the Hollywood community before and after her stint as producer of Close Encounters. I don't think Julia and I would have ever been friends, but she's certainly a compelling character. Quick-paced, lots of profanity but very readable.
LibraryThing member sinki
While it's sometimes confusing trying to keep straight the rambling timeline and cast of characters, it was Julia's compelling personality that made me like this. Smart, mean, vulgar and self-destructive, she isn't 'likeable' (she was a successful Hollywood producer - what did you expect?) but is
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extremely entertaining. I wasn't familiar with most of the 80s powerbroking assholes she describes, but gosh it was still fun to watch them get torn to shreds. No-one who read this book should have any illusions about Phillips being a perfectly reliable narrator, but if it's only 50% true it'd still be 100% deserved.
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