Letters Home: Correspondence 1950-63

by Sylvia Plath

Paperback, 1977




Bantam Books (1977), 590 pages


Sylvia Plath's correspondence, addressed chiefly to her mother, from her time at Smith College in the early 1950s up to her suicide in London in February 1963. In addition to her capacity for domestic and writerly happiness, these letters also hint at her potential for deep despair.


½ (97 ratings; 4)

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LibraryThing member Mavol
Plath's unwavering, honest voice is awe-inspiring. This is such a tender book, and such an incredibly intimate look at a mother-daughter relationship, that is probably so normal, and yet so rare. Reading people's correspondence is always fascinating, but when it's this honest and open it really
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does become a look into a completely different world, a glimpse of another person's mind. At the same time, it is all the more haunting to know how this happy and in many times strong woman met such a terrible fate in the end.
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