Addy Learns A Lesson (American Girl Collection)

by Connie Porter

Paperback, 1993




Pleasant Company (1993), Edition: First Thus, 88 pages


After escaping from a plantation in North Carolina, Addy and her mother arrive in Philadelphia, where Addy goes to school and learns a lesson in true friendship.

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½ (71 ratings; 3.9)

User reviews

LibraryThing member Hamburgerclan
A sweet little story about what it means to be a friend...and how not to hate. Set during the Civil War in Philadelphia, about an escaped slave girl.
LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
When Addy arrives in Philadelphia, she makes a new friend, Sarah, who helps her adjust to everything. When she begins school, however, Harriet is made her desk partner. Harriet is intelligent and wealthy, and Addy wants to be just like her, but when she turns her back on Sarah to be friends with
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Harriet, she discovers that Harriet didn’t really want to be her friend. Addy wins the spelling bee and learns an important lesson about who her friend is- Sarah.
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LibraryThing member sharese
A part of the American Girl series, this book is about Addy, a former slave who is given the opportunity to go to school. She learns school lessons but also life lessons about the worth of people and what it means to be a friend.

The entire American Girl series are worth every little
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person on the planet reading. A little bit history and a little bit life lessons, this book really had my interest from the start. Anything about slavery and injustice pangs at my heart but told through the eyes of a little girl it all hits home. Great book, wonderful series.
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LibraryThing member sdglenn
Limited pictures. Fiction. Great for grades 3-5. Tells about frienship and learnimg. Helps with reading fluency.
LibraryThing member restock
American Girl books are a loved collection by most girls between 2nd and fifth grade. They love the characters, the plot, and the historical features contained within the book. This particular book is no different. Addy is reflected in light of what may have been quite common during this time
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period and is anxious to learn to read and write, but struggles on her own personal journey to freedom. Quite enjoyed.
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LibraryThing member jthodesen01
This is a great book for first, second, or third grade readers. The diction is not too challenging, but still has some sophistication to it. The book is a great insight of how a former slave's life may be and how adjusting to their new world may go. This book could be utilized when learning about
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slavery or the Underground Railroad. It is also a great text to use to demonstrate the theme of Friendship.
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