Ida B. the Queen: The Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Ida B. Wells

by Michelle Duster

Hardcover, 2021




Atria/One Signal Publishers (2021), 176 pages


Written by her great-granddaughter, a historical portrait of the boundary-breaking civil rights pioneer covers Wells' early years as a slave, her famous acts of resistance, and her achievements as a journalist and anti-lynching activist.

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½ (14 ratings; 3.7)

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LibraryThing member jennybeast
This book surprised me -- first because the cover somehow led me to believe that this might be adapted for young readers. It wasn't. I think many teen readers would really enjoy it, but it's probably too dense for middle grade. Next, I thought it would be a pretty straightforward biography of Ida
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B. Wells. It's not really that, either -- I mean, there is a solid biographical piece to it, but it reads like a series of interconnected essays that draw parallels between Ida's life and the way her legacy is interconnected through history until now. I learned a lot about points of history I did not know, both in Ida's time and since. I enjoyed the narration by the author, who is also one of Ida's descendants. Altogether, I found it to be a powerful book, with a lot of insightful commentary on American racism. I sometimes found it a bit repetitive about the major events of Ida's life, but I also found it very enjoyable.

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