Virginia Woolf: The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Her Life and Work

by Louise A. DeSalvo

Paperback, 1990




Ballantine Books (1990), Edition: Reissue, 372 pages


Describes the abuse inflicted upon the novelist from her Victorian family where sexual violence was common.


(17 ratings; 4.1)

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LibraryThing member PatsyMurray
DeSalvo's analysis of Virginia Woolf's childhood and how it influenced her writing rings even more true now, what with the #MeTo movement and its revelations, than when the book was published in 1990. I was especially moved by her contention that Woolf fought back against her family and her society
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through her writing. I finished the book with a strong belief in the value of writing to define and assert the self, especially when you are being pressed to conform to a social structure that denigrates you.
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LibraryThing member jarvenpa
This is a challenging book indeed. I wanted to argue with some of the conclusions, but the author is quite persuasive. Anyone interested in the life and work of Woolf should really read this one.


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