Kindling the Celtic Spirit: Ancient Traditions to Illumine Your Life Through the Seasons

by Mara Freeman

Hardcover, 2000




HarperOne (2000), Edition: First Edition, 416 pages


In this beautiful treasury of sacred wisdom, Mara Freeman shares the rich legacy of the Celts -- the festivals, gods and goddesses, saints, faeries, music, poetry, and storytelling that anchor this magical tradition. Discover myths, rituals, recipes, and crafts for every month of theyear. Honor Saint Brigit with a prayer in February, or ensure a merry start to May with a bowl of frothy syllabub. Come together with friends and neighbors to celebrate community in the high days of August, then learn to weave a solstice wreath in snowy December. Traditional blessings, ancient lore, and guided meditations inspire you to reconnect with the rhythms of the natural world, and view the sacred as an integral part of every day. Rediscover the wisdom and healing power of nature, and cultivate and honor your soul as you would the earth. Let the spirit of the ancient Celts enchant you in every season, year after year.… (more)


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LibraryThing member auntieknickers
This is a very attractively presented book; I'm not sure I completely believe in the accuracy or historicity of everything in it, but that's OK. I decided I would probably never put it all into practice, though, so off it goes to the library book sale.


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