Sukkot Treasure Hunt

by Allison Ofanansky

Hardcover, 2009




Kar-Ben Publishing (2009), 32 pages


In Israel, a young girl and her family go on a scavenger hunt to find the "four species" they will use in their celebration of the Jewish holiday, Sukkot. Includes facts about plants named in the story.

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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
A young Israeli girl named Arava narrates this story about her family's trek through the countryside outside of her city, in search of the four plants they need for their Sukkot celebration. As they hike they look for the lulav (date palm), aravot (willow tree), hadas (myrtle) and etrog (citron
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fruit) they will use, encountering other plants, as well as local wildlife, along the way...

Illustrated with photographs, Sukkot Treasure Hunt provides an engaging 'slice of life' story featuring an Israeli family and their preparations for the Jewish harvest festival. Although the book was published in the states, both the author and photographer live near the Israeli city of Tzefat. There is an afterword giving more information about the flora and fauna mentioned in the main narrative, as well as the festival of Sukkot. Recommended to picture-book readers looking for Sukkot titles.
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