The Moral Vision of the New Testament: Community, Cross, New Creation, A Contemporary Introduction to New Testament Ethics

by Richard B. Hays

Paperback, 1996





A leading expert in New Testament ethics discovers in the biblical witness a unified ethical vision -- centered in the themes of community, cross and new creation -- that has profound relevance in today?s world. Richard Hays shows how the New Testament provides moral guidance on the most troubling ethical issues of our time, including violence, divorce, homosexuality and abortion.


HarperOne (1996), Edition: 1st, 528 pages


(59 ratings; 4.2)

User reviews

LibraryThing member jesposito
The best "New Testament" ethics book I am aware of. Simply great!
LibraryThing member jd234512
A massive amazing look at the New Testament and how it relates to created a set of morals or ethics. In the first main section Hays tackles different books/authors to try and get some sort of consensus in the approach from them. In approaching in this manner there are some illuminating discoveries
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made from the different books which help us see similarities and differences in their respective approaches to handling ethics. After giving a thorough response to each he spends a chapter each on several hot issues among Christians. I really appreciated these chapters because it finally brought together all the work from the main portion of the book and should how they can directly apply to modern ethics. Also because of all the work he did to try and really understand what the authors said the handling of the different issues was done with grace rather than just emotions. Really an excellent book that I'll definitely be coming back to in the future.
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LibraryThing member ajgoddard
Best book on New Testament ethics which also includes some interaction with 20th century moral theologians and chapters applying his method to contentious issues today.
LibraryThing member Tower_Bob
What a disappointment! Do not waste your time on this book.

As I am finishing this fairly well written book published in the late 90's, I discover that the author has now, in 2024, changed his mind on homosexuality. Here is the summary.

Nearly 30 years ago, a revered New Testament professor at Duke
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Divinity School named Richard B. Hays published “The Moral Vision of the New Testament,” a sweeping 508-page meditation of Christian ethics in which Hays concluded that the Christian Bible condemns homosexual acts. Hays called homosexuality “one among many tragic signs that we are a broken people” and said that churches should not sanction or bless homosexual unions.

Now we learn that Hays has changed in position. “In a book scheduled to be released in September 2024, ‘The Widening of God’s Mercy: Sexuality Within the Biblical Story,’ written with his son, Christopher B. Hays, the elder Hays makes an about face.” Hays has changed his mind because a “dynamic and gracious God … is willing to change his mind.” Robert Gagnon, a professor of New Testament at Houston Baptist University, who used Hays’ book The Moral Vision of the New Testament in his book The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics, had this to say: “God hasn’t changed his mind. Hays and son have changed their minds.

I imagine he is probably changing his mind about anti-Semitism too. This is all the rage today on college campuses and I imagine Hays thinks God has changed his mind om this topic also.
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