Compassion: A Reflection on the Christian Life

by Henri Nouwen

Paperback, 1983




A provocative essay that places compassion at the heart of Christian life as a counterbalance and a challenge to a world governed far too long by principles of power and destructive control.


Image (1983), 160 pages

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LibraryThing member empress8411
One of the best books I read as a young Christian. As someone who struggles with compassion for other humans (a productive of personality and home-life), this challenged me and helped me understand that compassion isn't an emotion, but an action. Compassion is about hurting with those who hurt,
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exposing ourselves to their pain, so that we might understand with them. It means "to suffer with".
I highly recommend for anyone going into mission work, in particular in the inner city or with the homeless population. Also, any Christian, missionary or not, in the health care setting would benefit from this work. It would also be good for a group study.
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