Weeds Among the Wheat

by Thomas H. Green

Paperback, 1984




With wisdom and common sense Father Green tackles a serious subject--discernment--and provides a clear, highly readable explanation for all Christians, in all walks of life. An invaluable tool for all who are called in their individual and communal lives to discern what God's will is in very concrete terms. Those facing major decisions in their lives will find special assistance and blessing in this extraordinary book.


Ave Maria Press, Inc. (1984), Edition: Illustrated, 208 pages

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LibraryThing member Corrientes
With wisdom and common sense, Father Thomas Green engages the topic of spiritual discernment and shows that it is a function of an individual's personal relationship with God. Discernment, he says, is where prayer meets action.
LibraryThing member Cacuzza
This is one of the better treatments from my younger years on that very Jesuit tradition, the discernment of spirits. A practical application of discernment, to my mind, is the same author's "Darkness in the marketplace" which I also read some time ago and, I think, many would do well to discover
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(or re-discover) in this era of the "one per cent"
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