Spiritual Exercises of st Ignatius: A Literal Translation and a Contemporary Reading (English and Spanish Edition)

by David Fleming

Paperback, 1978





Offering an accessible translation of the classic Ignatian text The Spiritual Exercises, this reference provides step-by-step commentary that explains its meaning and relevance to the modern spiritual life. An important resource for those seeking to grow spiritually, whether Christian or not, every page provides compassionate advice for each stage of the journey and reflects the understanding of the human soul. Chronicling a spiritual work out, this resource employs stories, analogies, and approachable language to make this an ideal companion for anyone seeking divine inspiration.


Inst of Jesuit Sources (1978), Edition: 2nd, 244 pages

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½ (83 ratings; 3.9)

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LibraryThing member HadriantheBlind
Very interesting book - a form of Christian meditation with the focus being on the mercy of God, as well as focusing on aspects of his life and applying the most relevant parts to one's own life. Although I do not necessarily agree with everything the author says, his points about self-analysis and
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finding goodness still ring true to many non-Catholics.
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