Body Politics: Five Practices of the Christian Community Before the Watching World

by John Howard Yoder

Paperback, 1992





Binding and loosing, baptism, eucharist, multiplicity of gifts, and open meeting; these five New Testament practices were central in the life of the early Christian community. Some of them are still echoed in the practice of the church today. But the full social, ethical, and communal meaning of the original practices has often been covered by centuries of ritual and interpretation. John Howard Yoder, in his inimitably direct and discerning style, uncovers the original meaning of the five practices and shows why the recovery of these practices is so important for the social, economic, and political witness of the church today.


Discipleship Resources (1992), 88 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member rwk
Absolutely amazing book. 'Body Politics' really made me stop thinking in terms of 'church' and more in terms of 'community' and made me realize just how far off the mark we may be in living out that concept. It's a little dry at times, and I don't 'get' everything he says, but it was rewarding to
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read it.

The chapter on 'Binding and Loosing' is worth the price of the book alone.
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LibraryThing member drcollins
If all you have read of Yoder is 'The Politics of Jesus' I would recommend you add this title to your library. It is a quick read... less than one hundred pages. In it Yoder looks at five practices of the (free) church such as baptism, communion, priesthood of all believers, forgiveness in dialogue
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and gifts of the spirit... and explains how their use is a uniquely christian witness to the larger world. For instance communion is a literal economic practice of sharing wealth, baptism is the gathering together of a community that bridges ethnic difference, dialogue is the key to forgiveness and peacemaking. This volume will seriously and positively affect the way i conduct membership classes for teens and adults... focused on Christian practices shape the witness of our community.
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