The Way of Perfection (Image Classics)

by Teresa of Avila

Paperback, 1991





The Way of Perfection is perhaps the simplest and most practical work of Teresa of Avila, one of the great religious figures of all time. She exhorts readers to nurture a lasting love of prayer by fulfilling three requirements, which are discussed in the text. Also included is her impassioned version of the Lord's Prayer.


Image (1991), Edition: Reissue, 320 pages


(53 ratings; 4.1)

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LibraryThing member shooster
This work is a little different at first. It assumes you're well versed in European history, but after a few chapters it really walk you through a lot of interesting concepts of phsycology mingled with spirituality.
LibraryThing member wrmjr66
This is a very readable, even domestic, work from a 16th century Spanish mystic. I have somehow not read her before, other than some brief excerpts, and I gather that this is not representative of her more mystical works. Steeled for something more like St. John of the Cross, it took me awhile to
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get used to her tone. Once I did, though, I found her an engaging thinker who uses some wonderful images and extended similes to make her points.

The book was written at the behest of her fellow nuns as an instruction in prayer. The first third of the book is dedicated to preparing oneself to pray, and thus it talks about virtues like humility at length. The last two-thirds is an extended analysis of the Lord's prayer, going through each clause in detail. It is in this section where Teresa's greatest writing and thinking is to be found.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book. I feel more prepared now to read some of her more mystical books in the future
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LibraryThing member SunitaDcunha
A very beautiful book on the way of Christian living as understood and practiced by St. Theresa of Avila
LibraryThing member Debjani_Ray
For anyone of any religion who wants to understand the struggles of a mystic recounted first hand. This one is more St. Teresa's "How to do" book.
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