A Thomas Merton Reader

by Thomas P. McDonnell (Editor)

Paperback, 1996





A Thomas Merton Reader provides a complete view of Merton, in all his aspects: contemplative, spiritual writer, poet, peacemaker, and social critic. In this closely knit volume are significant selections not only from his major works but from some lesser-known, yet equally valuable, writings as well. Presented here is a living Thomas Merton, expounding through prose and poetry on an abundance of important themes -- war, love, peace, Eastern thought and spirituality, monastic life, art, contemplation, and solitude. M. Scott Peck puts the writings included here into the context of Merton's life.


Image (1974), Edition: Revised ed., 516 pages


½ (32 ratings; 4)

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LibraryThing member LTW
This edition brings us Thomas Merton is all his aspects: spiritual writer, poet, peacemaker, man among men, servant of God -- a one-volume synopsis of his quest for truth, drawn not only from his major works but from his lesser-known writings as well.
LibraryThing member nmele
This large collection of excerpts, chosen with input from Thomas Merton, is more than introduction to his work but would work as a reader for someone not familiar with the incredible scope and productivity of the late Fr. Louis. The grouping principal escapes me but it is effective, each piece or
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poem playing off against its neighbors to mutually highlight their subject matter, eloquence and the development of Merton's spiritual insight and vision. The one criticism I have is that this collection includes almost none of Merton's work, some of it censored at the time, about issues of war and peace; over the years, Merton's influence on Catholic thinking about these issues has grown, so it would have been useful to include some more of them. Overall, this is a great collection, a reminder of what a gift Merton is to us all.
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