by Barbour Publishing

Paperback, 1999





Though her life was difficult, Hannah Whitall Smith's message was joyful. In the Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, she writes that "e;Jesus came to save you fully now, in this life, from the power and dominion of sin, and to deliver you altogether."e; Passionate and practical, Whitall Smith's classic of the Holiness movement focuses not on human effort but on simple, stubborn faith in the Savior and Sanctifier of the soul.


Barbour Publishing Inc. (1999)

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User reviews

LibraryThing member bria.lynne
This book is life-changing.
LibraryThing member TrgLlyLibrarian
This spells out basic concepts of Christianity that are frequently forgotten/missed/misunderstood in all different Christian denominations. I studied theology, Bible, and Catholic apologetics for six years during school, and somehow the fundamental ideas that Hannah Whitall Smith articulates were
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completely lost to me. This book is valuable.
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LibraryThing member thornton37814
This classic work on God's grace remains relevant to today's reader.
LibraryThing member silva_44
This book is amazing - it bolstered my faith and inspired me to pursue an even deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
LibraryThing member phoovermt
Hannah Whitall Smith--believer, rebel, realist--faced life as she found it, and she found it good. She took God's promises literally, tested them, and found them true. She stepped out of conjecture into certainty, and the shadows of life disappeared.

Here she reveals how to make unhappiness and
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uncertainty give way to serenity and confidence in every day of your life.
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