The Power of a Whisper

by Bill Hybels

Hardcover, 2010




"Without a hint of exaggeration," says Bill Hybels, "the ability to discern divine direction has saved me from a life of sure boredom and self-destruction. God's well-timed words have redirected my path, rescued me from temptation and re-energized me during some of my deepest moments of despair." In The Power of a Whisper, vision is cast for what life can look like when God's followers choose to hear from heaven as they navigate life on earth. Whispers that arbitrate key decisions, nudges that rescue from dark nights of the soul, promptings that spur on growth, urgings that come by way of another person, inspiration that opens once-glazed-over eyes to the terrible plight people face in this world--through firsthand accounts spanning fifty-seven years of life, more than thirty of which have been spent in the trenches of ministry, Hybels promotes passion in Christ-followers' hearts for being wide open to hearing from God, and for getting gutsier about doing exactly what he says to do. For more information go to:… (more)


Zondervan (2010), Edition: First, 288 pages

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LibraryThing member Hillgirl
I have read many books by Bill Hybels and was truly excited about winning this one. I loved it. Plain and simple. He really knows God and how God will talk with us and to us. I agree with others that not all is for everyone but there are definite parts that will talk to your heart. A closer
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relationship with God is what I want and I do have to say this has opened my eyes and heart and Yes my listen to that whisper...
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LibraryThing member nirrad
I really enjoyed the book, though he talked about God speaking as a whisper, I think he was really talking about the Holy Spirit. I enjoyed the stories and agreed with a lot of what he stated. It was a good book and will recommend it to others to read.
LibraryThing member Jesset33
I like this book because it is written in a way that is understandable to most readers. The chapters flow nicely and the writing is fluid. The content of the book is solid and is Bible based. I will be passing this book on to friends or family members as I feel it is a useful resource in the
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practice of listening, hearing and following God prompts in ones life.
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LibraryThing member Agape
Bill Hybels tells some great stories from his own life on learning to hear God’s whispers. It all started when he was attending a Christian school and was in second grade. He has been listening ever since.
He gives a short list of five filters to be certain it is God speaking:
1. Is the prompting
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truly from God. Is it consistent with Who God is?
2. Is it Scriptural? If it contradicts Scripture, it is not from God.
3. Is it wise?
4. Is it in tune with your own character?
5. What do the people you most trust think about it?
But what if you don’t hear God, even when you desperately want to? Check the following areas of concern:
1. Fervently and frequently ask God to improve your hearing
2. Reduce the ambient noise in your life.
3. You must fill your head with Scripture.
4. Confess and repent any known sin in your life.
“The most predictable way to hear from heaven is to read and apply God’s Word. When you increase your biblical engagement, you increase the odds that you’ll hear from God.”
The last half of the book concentrates on specific situations: When we are going through troubles and can’t hear God, parenting skills and God’s whispers, God whispers to me through you, whispers to make a difference in the world, and the importance of saying “yes” to God when we receive a whisper.
The book is engaging, an easy read, yet profound and life changing. I highly recommend it.
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LibraryThing member VaBchCommunityChapel
Description: Join bestselling author and pastor Bill Hybels as he casts vision for what life can look like when directed by divine input from above. In this four-session video-based study, your group will learn to navigate life through whispers from God… whispers that arbitrate key decisions,
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whispers that rescue you from a dark night of the soul, whispers that spur on growth, whispers that come by way of another person, whispers that open your eyes to the terrible plight people face in this world.
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LibraryThing member diasukie
This is one of the better books I've read in the last few years, I will keep it on my shelf and refer to it. I've already bought one copy to give away. The church I go to will do studies based on books which is how I found out about it. How often we hear or somehow know we are to do something, what
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happens when we do and times we didn't respond and then wish we did. Add that to the times we think we are being led and we felt later that we shouldn't have, were we miss-led? This book will help you understand and have a better idea if you are being led to do something. Guidance from the Bible and accounts from many people will have you paying attention to your life, what you are hearing, seeing, feeling. This book is one that you will want to underline in, highlight sections to remember, I've gone so far as to attach tabs for the Table of Contents and chapters. I'm reading through this book again, going slower, so I can remember more. Gods various ways of communicating with us is amazing. I cannot recommend this book enough! It is a serious and fun read - it does not read like a tomb, it is easy to read and relate to.
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LibraryThing member pamelareadz
"The Power of a Whisper: Hearing God, Having the Guts to Respond" by Bill Hybels was very encouraging and inspirational. It's about training your ear to hear whispers from God, whether they are spoken directly to you or through someone else. Hybels relays to his readers through personal stories,
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personal example and biblical scripture that hearing whispers from God is powerful, and can help us through us life as long as we live. Moreover, the reader is provided with practical points by which to discern if the whisper is really from God, and whether they should take action.
Personally, I enjoyed reader this book. It really helped me in my spiritual walk with God, and I definitely recommend this book to others who are attempting to strengthen their walk as well. Also, another reason that I loved reading this book is because Hybels shows to us, that even through his fame as a pastor and accomplished author, he still gains knowledge and wisdom from the whispers of God.
I give it 5 stars.
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LibraryThing member ailleth
i gave this book to a friend of mine who is a reverend at the local VA Hospital. he has used it to help some of the veterans that he deals with. it is in good hands.
LibraryThing member mel-L-co0l-j
Having moved away from Protestantism over the past decade or so, and not having read a book on Christian faith since the 90s, I didn't know what to expect with The Power of a Whisper. I figured I would encounter guilt trips and adminitions to “just believe.” This blind, indolent way of thinking
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is, in fact, the push that finally drove me away from traditional Protestant beliefs (“lazy Christians”-- there's nothing more depressing to a Thinker). I was pleased to promptly discover that Mr. Hybels didn't intend to loftily denigrate his readers. His manner is conversational and kind from the outset, and he maintains an optimistic and peaceful mood throughout, whlie still cultivating proper gravity (we are, after all, talking about God).

Despite Mr. Hybels' laid-back approach, his seeming perfection did intimidate me a bit for the first chapter or so – “Sure, it's easy for *this* guy to hear God,” I thought, impressed but slightly dismayed that it had not always been as easy for me. I was quite relieved when Mr. Hybels began relaying his own dealings with “prayer block.” It wasn't that I delighted in his struggle, but rather, knew that he wasn't an inhuman super-Christian; i.e, there's hope for us all! Mr. Hybels speaks freely about his own experiences with spiritual dessication, but retains the optimistic spirit mentioned earlier.

In addition to Mr. Hybels' own experiences in listenting for, listenting to, and acting upon God's direction, he outlines many other examples at various points in the book. Occasionally, the manner of presenting them, which is done in list form, gets a little tedious. I can think of no better way to introduce them, however, so perhaps shaving some of the less impactive anecdotes from the listings would make for a more succinct and striking read in parts. In regards to the anecdotes, I appreciated that Mr. Hybels mentioned he is careful not to resort to the exaggeration that many preachers utilize in order to make for, what they believe to be, a more interesting story. It added immensely to his credibility for me. I found these anecdotes interesting and useful; some are positive and some are cautionary, but all are redemptive.

As I read the first few chapters, I – the perpetual scientist and budding neurobiologist – found myself thinking, “Yeah, but such-and-such brain chemical could have caused that, too,” or, “Oh, c'mon, Occam's Razor would have it that such-and-such.” So, I was extremely pleased to come to the chapter outlining how to be discerning when you believe you've heard from God. Mr. Hybels is clear and pulls no punches in giving us a toolbox for deciding whether a “word from God” is, indeed, from God, versus our own desires, proclivities, insecurities, or just good old-fashioned neuronal misfires. “Lazy Christians,” take note.

In summary, Bill Hybels – humble, intelligent, and genuine -- gives us a positive, useful, and very encouraging guidebook, and does it in a down-to-earth manner. This book will make you, whoever you are, more attuned and receptive to spiritual guidance and wisdom. You will find yourself asking, “Was that my own, fallible personality that just spoke? Or is it meant to be part of my Ultimate and Grand Design?”
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LibraryThing member sbdugger
I was pleasantly surprised by Hybel's book. It is not as hard hitting as some of the books out currently, yet is does contain a lot of good information. I appreciated his use of a lot of personal examples and illustrations. I would have liked for the book to have been a little stronger in actual
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theology, but for a beginning read on knowing how to hear God speak it was good.
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LibraryThing member mookiekat
in this book Bill Hybels gives many examples of how God still speaks to us if we will only listen. sometimes we are so busy thinking of the next thing we want to say or talking so loud that when He does speak we cant hear Him over our own voice. then there is the realization that when we finally do
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hear God what will be our ignore or to follow. a well read book worth reading.
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LibraryThing member JDove
I found this book both intersting and thought provoking. I have always wondered about people who claim they can hear God speak to them; it seems that we all have that power if we slow down and get quiet enough to hear.
LibraryThing member NQTBradyBunch
This book reminds us that God has a still, small voice, and that we have to be paying attention to hear Him. Yes, he does speak to us, and sometimes we simply have to get out of our own way. There are lots of scriptural references, which I love! While not a complete "how-to hear God speaking to
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you," it leads you to the path of meditation and thinking of what it might take to hear Him, if you'll only listen. Heartwarming stories throughout.
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LibraryThing member DTipken
This is a wonderful approach to learning about recognizing nudges or whispers from God. Many times we don't recognize something from the Holy Spirit and disregard it. Hybels shows us the importance of acting upon them even if they don't make sense or aren't convenient at the time. Once I read this
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book, I engaged my Sunday school class in the small group session. It was well received and several of them were convicted to act upon the whispers they receive from God.
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LibraryThing member jkshiverdeck
amazing book. Mr. Hybels clear explanations are a clarion call to all believers to "be still and know that I am God."
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