Book of God: The Bible as a Novel

by Walter Wangerin

Paperback, 1998





Here is the story of the Bible as you've never heard it before - told with exciting details and passionate energy. Narrated by master storyteller Walter Wangerin, Jr. The Book of God dramatizes biblical events, making the men and women of this ancient book come alive in vivid detail and dialogue. Wangerin recreates the high drama, low comedy, gentle humor, and awesome holiness of the biblical narrative, revealing the humanity and holiness of the people whose stories are told in the pages of Scripture. Imaginative yet meticulously researched, The Book of God is a sweeping history that stretches across thousands of years and hundreds of lives, in cultures foreign and yet familiar in their common humanity. The Book of God is the magnum opus of one of the most respected and loved writers of our time. It is a timeless masterpiece that will fire the imagination and nurture the spirit.… (more)


Lion Publishing Plc (Adults) (1998), Edition: New edition, 851 pages


Christian Book Award (Winner — Fiction — 1997)


½ (86 ratings; 3.8)

User reviews

LibraryThing member vnovak
Great novel for seeing the big picture of the story of the Bible. He makes characters come alive and adds dialogue that could have happened. My only complaint is that in a story that otherwise uses contemporary language, he sometimes slips needlessly into archaic King James English (not to add
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poetry or depth of feeling, but just apparently because he is used to it).
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LibraryThing member debs4jc
I really enjoyed this top notch novelization of the world's most popular book, the Bible. Wangerin takes the bare bones stories that the Bible gives us and makes them come alive with characters that are more fleshed out. He even paraphrases some of the poetry and inserts that when appropriate. It
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makes reading these familiar stories fun and can make you think about them in a new way.
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LibraryThing member docliz
I loved reading this novel which aims to tell of the biblical events in a continuous story telling manner. It is great for getting a grasp of the Old Testament in an easy to read way.
LibraryThing member kijabi1
Paints the picture of God's providence
LibraryThing member mike.stephenson
this book covers some of the more popular stories from the bible in the form of a novel. I listened to the audio version
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