Our Greatest Gift

by Henri J. M. Nouwen

Paperback, 1995





Dying and death bring fear, the experience of dying and caring for the dying can become the deepest experience of love. Henri Nouwen has walked this path with family and friends, and speaks about death as the greatest gift we have. The question he raises is not, How much can we still do in the years or months we have left to live?, but, How can we prepare ourselves for our death in such a way that our death can become fruitful in the life of others?.


HarperOne (1995), 144 pages


½ (16 ratings; 3.5)

User reviews

LibraryThing member jd234512
Nouwen truly has a lovely way of putting what might seem the most average of moments in life into something that has eternal value and this is no exception. In this, he talks about dying and because he has died since this has been written, it is interesting to note what he puts in this. He talks of
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dying in a way that is a gift to others, and he has certainly fulfilled that and then some. Often times, it seems as if author's call people to things that they do not even fulfill and it is quite refreshing to read this with the knowledge that he has not only done this, but in a way I'm sure he couldn't have even imagined. This does tend to be a little monotonous at times, but usually because of the emphasis he puts on certain points. Overall, this is another amazing book by Nouwen has yet to disappoint.
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