The Wisdom of Accepted Tenderness: Going Deeper into the Abba Experience

by Brennan Manning

Paperback, 1983





A Stirring Invitation to Accept God's Unfathomable Tenderness


Dimension Books (1983), 94 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member Motherofthree
Second read of Brennan Manning - excellent as the first.
LibraryThing member bwhitner
This was a great book on Gods love and mercy. He touched on a lot of topics ministering to others, loving your neighbor, judging others, sin....

The book was Mannings usual honesty, loving stories.
Ma favorite quote : If we presume that life owes us the best - and nothing but the best - then reality
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rarely lives up to our expectations.

He goes on to say... What follows logically is that we blithely take for granted everything that comes our way. The spiritually poor- like the economically poor - experience genuine gratitude and appreciate the slightest gift. Ironically, the more we grow in spirit of Jesus Christ, the poorer we become. The more we realize that everything is gift, the more tenor of our life becomes one of humble, joyful thanksgiving.
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