Praying with the Church: Following Jesus Daily, Hourly, Today

by Scot McKnight

Paperback, 2006





Scot McKnight, best-selling author of The Jesus Creed, invites readers to get closer to the heart of Jesus' message by discovering the ancient rhythms of daily prayer at the heart of the early church. "This is the old path of praying as Jesus prayed," McKnight explains, "and in that path, we learn to pray along with the entire Church and not just by ourselves as individuals." Praying with the Church is written for all Christians who desire to know more about the ancient devotional traditions of the Christian faith, and to become involved in their renaissance today. With his trademark style of getting right to the heart of theological concepts through practical, witty, and memorable examples from everyday life, Scot invites readers to explore: How Jesus prayed, How the Psalms teach us to pray, How Orthodox Christians pray, How Roman Catholics pray, How Anglicans pray, How The Divine Hours of Phyllis Tickle teaches us to pray, And, how praying with the church is an essential part of spiritual formation. For more information on Phyllis Tickle's Divine Hours click here… (more)


Paraclete Press (2006), 176 pages

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LibraryThing member bsanner
Beginning with a study of the prayer habits of Jesus, McKnight moves into an overview of several major prayer traditions within the church. In addition to our personal, spontaneous prayers in the church, McKnight argues that Christians should learn to pray with the church – through liturgical
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prayer traditions. McKnight explores the traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism, and the ecumenical Book of Hours. Overall, good points, but watered-down, over-simplified. B-
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LibraryThing member vpfluke
A good introduction to daily prayer. This books offers ways to make the daily office services of monasteries accessible to the lay person. It looks at various ways Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Anglicans develope an embracing prayer life at regular intervals. The author is partial to the
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work of [[Phyllis Tickle]] who has developed a volume for each 4-month period of the year to use as a comprehensive prayer book with full readings.
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