A Diary of Private Prayer

by John Baillie

Paperback, 1996





With over a million copies in print, John Baillie's classic collection of scripture and prayers is a beautiful daily devotional, the perfect companion guide to any Christian seeking to enrich their life through growth in prayer. In this book of personal devotions, noted theologian Dr. John Baillie offers personal prayers for people who are seeking a better understanding of God and themselves. Intermingling adoring and meditative thoughts about God with a concern for the social and individual good, these daily invocations help and inspire us to search within our inner selves and find the deep religious beliefs that lie within.


Touchstone (1996), Edition: 1st Fireside Ed, 144 pages

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(17 ratings; 4.2)

User reviews

LibraryThing member MarthaHuntley
Beautiful language and prayers I want to pray, but a little shocking in its non-inclusive language -- what a difference in the way we speak, even to God, since 1949!
LibraryThing member CheshireLutheran
A collection of prayers for all the mornings and evenings of the months. The author was a Professor of Divinity at the U. of Edinburgh.
LibraryThing member Will-0
Christian themed, high pedigree on author, but scriptural referencing is thin to non-existent.
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