Bread of Angels

by Barbara Brown Taylor

Paperback, 1997




As Barbara Brown Taylor reminds us, the Israelites received the bread of angels-- manna--as they made their way through the wilderness. So too is God made known to us in the simple things that sustain our lives. With humor and an eye for human stubbornness, Taylor points to just how much like the people of scripture we can be--stiff-necked and ungrateful in the face of God's bounty. Taylor moves through the span of the Bible in her search for divine love. In the stories of Moses, David, and Daniel she picks up its trace in reversals and surprises. She refreshes our perspective on Pentecost and its aftermath in a sermon sequence on the Book of Acts. And at book's center radiates her stunning parable of the Incarnation, "God's Daring Plan." With characteristic flair, Taylor grounds her exegetical enterprise on jokes and stories packed with truth. As pleasurable as they are profound, her meditations on the life of faith and the cost of discipleship will instruct the preacher and delight the reader.… (more)


Cowley Publications (1997), Edition: First edition, fourth printing, 174 pages

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½ (10 ratings; 3.8)
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