Subversive Spirituality

by Eugene H. Peterson

Paperback, 1997




Subversive Spirituality is a gathering together of articles written by Eugene Peterson over the past twenty-five years. Made up of occasional pieces, short biblical studies, poetry, pastoral readings and interviews, this book reflects on the overlooked facets of the spiritual life. Peterson captures the epiphanies of life with the pleasing pastoral style and inspiring depth of insight for which he is well known. Peterson describes his book this way: "The gathering of articles and essays, poems and conversations, is a kind of kitchen midden of my noticings of the obvious in the course of living out the Christian life in the vocational context of pastor, writer, and professor. The randomness and repetitions and false starts are rough edges that I am leaving as is in the interests of honesty. Spirituality is not, by and large, smooth. I do hope, however, that they will be found to be 'freshly phrased.'"… (more)


Wm. B. Eerdmans-Lightning Source (1997), 263 pages

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LibraryThing member Noah_Schumacher
Phenomenal look inside the mind and pastoral life of Eugene Peterson. Features a collection of interviews, journal articles, and biblical studies. The diverse selection provides spontaneity and depth. It was a great read!
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