The practice of spiritual direction

by William A. Barry

Other authorsWilliam J. Connolly
Paper Book, 1982




The Classic Work on Helping People Become Closer to God Fathers Barry and Connolly see the work of spiritual direction as helping people to develop their relationship with God. In thinking and practice they have absorbed the insights of modern psychotherapy, but have not been absorbed by them. This highly practical book reflects the authors' experience at the Center for Religious Development in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where spiritual direction is available and where directors are trained.


New York : Seabury Press, 1982.

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LibraryThing member allenkeith
Great book on what's involved in providing spiritual direction (SD). It's a scholarly work backed with references and examples of practical approaches. It tends to surprise the reader as to what components and behaviors and focuses come together to make up effective SD. For example, one of the
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focuses is helping the person being directed to become aware of God's communication to him or her as well as his or her responses to God. The second is that of avoiding instruction in favor of asking questions. This approach fosters self-discovery of how one might be missing or blocking God's ongoing communicate. The premise is that God is always communicating himself to us through creation, through events and through prayer, no matter what sense we have of ourselves in relationship to God. The SD is more of a partner in aiding discovery of truth, beauty and goodness which are found most profoundly in God and his Holy Spirit who dwells within us.
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