Living With Contradiction: Reflections on the Rule of St. Benedict

by Esther De Waal

Hardcover, 1989




These simple and inviting reflections on the Rule of St. Benedict take as their starting point our search for wholeness in a world that is fragmented and increasingly polarized. Many people today struggle to balance the demands of professional and personal lives, and find little satisfaction or peacefulness in either. Yet the ancient wisdom of St. Benedict offers a clear and helpful pathway that leads directly to healing, transformation and new life. Written in de Waal's inimitable style, this book is for old friends of the Rule of St. Benedict and novices alike. Holding up segments of the Rule, de Waal's meditations on Benedict's words illuminate the wisdom of the Rule not only for those of Benedict's time, but for all of us today as well.


Harper & Row (1989), Edition: 1st US Edition, 154 pages

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½ (16 ratings; 3.5)

User reviews

LibraryThing member tabascofromgudreads
I'm sorry, I was attracted by the title, and the content is valid, but the book overall is far too bland, simplistic and vague. There are too many incredibly abstract, sweeping statements, without any real life practical example. The connection to the Rule of Saint Benedict is loose and
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disorganized. Finally, I couldn't shake the feeling of listening to someone telling you how great a movie was (the Rule), and all you want to do is watch the movie yourself instead of getting it second-hand from this person.
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