The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spirituality

by Ronald Rolheiser

Hardcover, 1999




Examines what true spirituality is, using personal anecdotes and examples to demonstrate the role spirituality plays in everyday life and its importance to personal fulfillment.


Image (1999), Edition: 1, 272 pages

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(56 ratings; 4.4)

User reviews

LibraryThing member roydknight
This touched on so many issues in my own spiritual growth as a follower of Jesus!
LibraryThing member joelavin
This is an excellent book for those struggling to define their spirituality and for those wanting to explore it. It is the most unique and quite possibly the most biblically honest exploration of the intimacy that Christ wants to have with us and wants us to have with one another. I would suggest
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that you read it carefullu, but eagerly!
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LibraryThing member rlf06153
Again, Rolheiser -- a Catholic priest in the Order of Mary Immaculate, based in San Antonio, Texas -- gets at the deeper issues surrounding our desire for a felt-sense of God. This book might be good for those who find themselves in the "dark night," spiritually, who feel as though they don't know
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where God is leading them or why they're being led there. All of Rolheiser's books emphasize God's mercy, profligate love, and unfailing presence, without placating, pandering, or giving false reassurances. With the one small nit being that he uses the word "inchoate" WAY too often, this is another excellent book by Fr. Ron.

Audience: Mature persons of faith who may find themselves in the dark night of the senses or a dark night of faith. This book is full of reality—takes a very practical approach to faith—and, as such, provides a solid foundation for true Christian hope.
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