Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship

by N. T. Wright

Paperback, 1995




Featuring a brand-new cover design, this edition of N. T. Wright’s popular Following Jesus -- first published in 1995 -- includes a new preface in which Wright reflects on the book’s origin and significance for him personally and on its continued relevance to believers even though our global context has changed. Wright first outlines the essential messages of six major New Testament books -- Hebrews, Colossians, Matthew, John, Mark, and Revelation -- looking in particular at their portrayal of Jesus and what he accomplished in his sacrificial death. In the second part of the book Wright takes six key New Testament themes -- resurrection, rebirth, temptation, hell, heaven, and new life in a new world -- and considers their significance for the lives of present-day disciples.… (more)


Eerdmans (1995), Edition: 59745th, 126 pages

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I bought this one with my very own money – and it was money very well spent. Following Jesus was first published in 1994. It doesn’t offer hugely powerful new theology. Rather, it offers excellent, insightful introductions to several New Testament books and then takes on several topics
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essential to the Christian life. Good stuff.
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LibraryThing member kylepotter
These are readable, self-contained essays that engage themes from different biblical texts with the challenge of following Jesus in real, everyday life.
LibraryThing member tim.sherrod
following jesus seeks to show the message of jesus for his people: discipleship. he takes the reader through six different new testament books and explains how each has a message encouraging christians to follow christ in discipleship. he then looks a six different aspects of the christian life and
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how they relate to discipleship. i would recommend this book to anyone seeking an introduction to true biblical discipleship. recommended.
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LibraryThing member deanc
Written in a devotional rather than scholarly style, Following Jesus fosters a deeper appreciation for the life of discipleship. Only twelve short chapters (originally sermons) and 114 pages in length, it served very nicely as my daily devotional guide for a couple of weeks earlier this year.
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Clearly written, scripturally based and packed with tasty morsels of spiritual insight, Wright's little book is well worth savoring.
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LibraryThing member somejumps
This is an excellent short collection of sermons by N.T. Wright loosely arranged around the theme of discipleship. The first half of them are from a Lenten series, while the latter half are taken from various services. These are good sermons, classic N.T. Wright; the sermon on temptation is
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LibraryThing member matthewhuffman
N.T. Wright is already a renowned scholar, so it's hard to say much without echoing the thoughts of others. The direction this books takes focuses on who the Jesus of the Bible really is. It's common for anyone to claim to follow Christ, but not know more than what is taught to them from the
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In this book, Wright examines Jesus through a variety of biblical texts to find who he really is.
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LibraryThing member deusvitae
A good little work with many excellent reflections about many books of the New Testament. Some of his eschatological discussion was a bit inconsistent. Overall, the work does well at encouraging active discipleship.
LibraryThing member aevaughn
This book has excellent insights into how to live the Christian life and how to be a disciple of Jesus. It also has excellent overviews of a handful of New Testament books. Finally, it's easily read and relatively short.
LibraryThing member jd234512
Another excellent book by N.T. Wright. While this one was not mind-blowing, it was consistently good which is better than many books on discipleship. As other's have noted, it's broken out between chapters on different books on the Bible and then some more general questions on what following God
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This is an extremely readable book and I think could be eye-opening for the average church-goer who feels that the conveyed Christian hope isn't as appealing some would believe. This is not to say that the point is to "sign up" for that which is most alluring, but it is important to know in fact what you are "signing up" for. I am very thankful to Wright for opening my eyes on many levels and will consistently try and get my hands on anything and everything by him.
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LibraryThing member StephenBarkley
I bought this book from under the mistaken impression that it was published in 2009. There’s still nothing to indicate different on the website. Just to be clear, this collection of sermons which was loosely transformed into a book was first published in 1994. The Eerdmans paperback
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version selling on Amazon was printed in 2009.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the book. It’s divided into two sections. The first six sermons take one whole book of the Bible per message and speak about the main point the author is trying to get across. The messages are okay, but they’re nothing special.

The second six sermons really shine. They’re written on classic N. T. Wright themes: resurrection, mind, temptation, hell, heaven, and new life. These messages were filled with excitement and challenge. You can really tell which themes Wright was passionate about back at the genesis of his Christian Origins series.

Buy the book, but feel free to skim the first half!
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