Out of the Saltshaker

by Rebecca Manley Pipperts

Paperback, 1979





Christian and non-Christians have something in common,' writes Rebecca Pippert. 'We're both uptight about evangelism.' Evangelism isn't something you do; it's a world-changing way of life. Rebecca Manley Pippert shows how we as Christians, who are called to be the salt of the earth, can get out of the saltshaker and into life itself. People crowd the pages of Becky's book, with language and lifestyles to match. She confronts them with a Jesus as contemporary as themselves, a Christ they can see, who cares. Reading her book we laugh at her mistakes, identify with her failures, and find ourselves eager to emulate her spiritual progress.


InterVarsity Press (1979), Edition: Underlining, 188 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member MrsLee
A profound book. When a person is first saved, if they were in an unhealthy spiritual environment, first they shed themselves of any and all distractions from Christ and our new life. But it is important not to live there. Christ wants us back in the world when our foundation is secure, to be salt
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and light.
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LibraryThing member vnovak
Describes how to live a life that is congruent with our Christian beliefs and how to naturally talk about and demonstrate our faith. It helped me to see that evangelism is a process and that God works in a person's life before we even mention our beliefs. It also reassures that evangelism is not
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meant to be offensive, but instead is sharing with those who are open and seeking the truth.
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LibraryThing member SueinCyprus
A well-written and thought-provoking book, encouraging Christians to live out their beliefs, truly being 'salt' in the world. Anecdotes and plenty of encouragement about lifestyle evangelism rather than the 'methods' adopted by so many. Mainly intended for students, but appropriate to any
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LibraryThing member highlander6022
A fabulous book that will change a Christian's view of witnessing to Christ - unfortunately in today's culture, the word "evangelism" has become a scary word - to both Christians and non-believers alike...for Christians due to fear of rejection or fear of inadequacy and for non-believers because of
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what they have heard from TV or what our post-modern culture has told them. Ironically, many adults who today reject Christianity (“I blindly accepted it as a child”) now “blindly” reject it as an adult without ever really studying the bible or investigating who Jesus was for themselves while an adult. I’m sure they can all tell stories about how they see all Christians as hypocrites, or how they got hit over the head by a bible-thumping evangelist. But ask them what part of the bible or Jesus they find offensive and many cannot point you to the exact spot – they can only give generalizations based on what culture has told them. They haven’t set foot in a church other than the one they were raised in for decades…they just know they reject everything they stand for. The author has heard all of this before…and takes a step back to talk about the true base work necessary before you can witness to Christ…and the necessity for getting away from deciding on “technique” as most important. Having worked with college age students for years, the author knows of what she speaks about encountering today’s cultural stereotypes of Christianity. Every person out there who calls themselves a professing Christian needs to read this book. As the author reminds us, we are not called to be experts in the bible, or to be experts in theology or experts in the church – we are called to witness to Christ, who He was and what He did for us personally…to tell what our story is and how Christ transformed us..
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