The Body: Being Light in Darkness

by Charles Colson

Hardcover, 1992





In this 1993 ECPA Book of the Year, Colson sounds a clarion call for the church to rise above traditional divisions and market-driven programs to be what God has called her to be-His people. In doing so, the Body of Christ can reclaim God's holy vision for His church. Truly a modern-day classic.


W Pub Group (1992), Edition: First Edition, 455 pages


½ (48 ratings; 3.8)

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A commentary on the state of the Christian Church, known as the body of Christ, in the latter years of the 20th Century, but certainly applicable to the present day. In a familiar format, Chuck Colson with Ellen Santilli Vaughn juxtapose their insights with illustrative stories that were happening
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in real time around the world. Colson feels that the church is not doing a good job of defending the truth in the "great cosmic struggle for the hearts and minds and souls of men and women." Even many Christians, influenced by the surrounding culture, no longer hold to moral absolutes. He also speaks of being salt and light in whatever vocation or circumstance we may find ourselves. We can influence culture best by living our principles out in the neighborhood and workplace. "Who are the preachers of America in the late twentieth cnetury, " he asks. "Each of us, as we infiltrate the arena in which God has placed us." Very well written.
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