Systematic Theology

by L Berkhof

Hardcover, 1998





This complete edition of Louis Berkhof's magnum opus includes both his Introductory Volume to Systematic Theology and his classic Systematic Theology. In his monumental treatment of the doctrines of the Reformed faith, Berkhof covers the full range of theology in traditional systematic fashion, examining the doctrines of God, anthropology, Christology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology. The result is a comprehensive work written in a scholarly yet simple style. The foreword by Richard A. Muller explains the relation and importance of Berkhof's prolegomena to the rest of his systematic theology, while complete indexes, thorough bibliographies, and questions for further study make this edition ideal for students. Since its original publication in 1939, Berkhof's Systematic Theology has remained the most influential twentieth-century compendium of Reformed theology.… (more)


William B Eerdmans Publishing Co (1998)


(133 ratings; 4.2)

User reviews

LibraryThing member theologicaldan
I've been stealing this book from our churches library for so long that I finally broke down and purchased it myself. It's an awesome treatment of the reformed faith, though I have to admit at times, it does become a little too speculative.
LibraryThing member HowHop
It is little wonder that Louis Berkhof's Systematic Theology has been a standard text book in Reformed seminaries for so long. Although I am not likely to reread it cover to cover again, it will remain one of my most prized reference books to which I will return to often.
LibraryThing member stephendr
A trustworthy resource. Berkhof's systematic is clear, simple and wonderfully comprehensive. I love this book.
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