The Dark Night of the Soul: A Psychiatrist Explores the Connection Between Darkness and Spiritual Growth

by Gerald G. May

Paperback, 2005


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A distinguished psychiatrist, spiritual counselor, and bestselling author shows how the dark sides of the spiritual life are a vital ingredient in deep, authentic, healthy spirituality. Gerald G. May, MD, one of the great spiritual teachers and writers of our time, argues that the dark 'shadow' side of the true spiritual life has been trivialized and neglected to our serious detriment. Superficial and naively upbeat spirituality does not heal and enrich the soul. Nor does the other tendency to relegate deep spiritual growth to only mystics and saints. Only the honest, sometimes difficult encounters with what Christian spirituality has called and described in helpful detail as 'the dark night of the soul' can lead to true spiritual wholeness. May emphasizes that the dark night is not necessarily a time of suffering and near despair, but a time of deep transition, a search for new orientation when things are clouded and full of mystery. The dark gives depth, dimension, and fullness to the spiritual life.… (more)


HarperOne (2005), Edition: Reprint, 224 pages

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LibraryThing member luvdancr
This book got me through the hard time of having my leg broken. It helped me make sense of a large period of time where I was greatly depressed as well, It didn't cure me of anything, but it helped me feel so not lonely.
LibraryThing member aheksch
I think its a really interesting book it has so many action and conflict but always the main character solve it.
LibraryThing member revslick
Gerald May has written an excellent primer to St John of the Cross with a little Teresa of Avila thrown in for good measure. I recommend it to anybody looking to expand their insight into spirituality and specifically our inner growth into the Divine. My only critique is May's comments regarding
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addiction, which are both intriguing and disappointing. It is like he get the outward veneer of recovery but not the deep monster of addiction, otherwise I highly recommend.
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