Theology of Hope

by Jürgen Moltmann

Paperback, 1993





The following efforts bear the title Theology of Hope, not because they set out once again to present eschatology as a separate doctrine and to compete with the well known textbooks. Rather, their aim is to show how theology can set out from hope and begin to consider its theme in an eschatological light. For this reason they inquire into the ground of the hope of Christian faith and into the responsible exercise of this hope in thought and action in the world today. The various critical discussions should not be understood as rejections and condemnations. They are necessary conversations on a common subject which is so rich that it demands continual new approaches.


Fortress Press (1993), Edition: 1st Fortress Press ed, 344 pages


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LibraryThing member Arctic-Stranger
This is the first part of Moltmann's theological trinity. (The Crucificed God and The Church in the Power of the Spirit being the other two.)

Here Moltmann tries to give eschatology a new grounding, and is pretty succesful at it. I wish more people would read this, and not the Left Behind series! I
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read it as a layperson, and a theological vocabulary is needed, as well as an overview of major theological thinkers, but it could easily be read by any intelligent lay person.
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LibraryThing member DrJane
Moltmann's Theology of Hope is challenging and stimulating.
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