The Magnificent Defeat

by Frederick Buechner

Paperback, 1985


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A collection of sermons in the form of meditations on various aspects of the religiously meaningful life grouped about the themes of surrender, love, and grace.


HarperOne (1985), Edition: Reprint, 144 pages

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LibraryThing member LTW
This collection of sermons originally intended for congregations of predominantly young people, this compilation of 18 essay's speaks to every Christian who would sit down and read them. The Magnificent Defeat is broken down into 3 parts. I - The Challenge to Surrender , II - The Triumph of Love,
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III - The Mystery and Miracle of Grace. Each essay starts with a quote from scripture and then continues on with the life of Christ, and in turn our own life as a result. While Buechner does touch on some theological points, a lot of his essays deal with the search for the Truth.
These essays are powerful, and can also serve as a good topic of discussion during particular Christian seasons (2 essays on the Birth of Christ, 2 essays on the Death of Christ).
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LibraryThing member billmeister16
Buechner's work is reminiscent of C. S. Lewis. This book is worth the buy just for the first chapter under the same heading as the book, "The Magnificent Defeat".
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