The Birth of the Messiah: A commentary on the infancy narratives in the gospels of Matthew and Luke (Anchor Bible Reference Library)

by Raymond E. Brown

Paperback, 1999





The truth behind the Gospel accounts of the Nativity, updated to include the latest research--a classic by a renowned scholar, hailed as "masterly" and "definitive" in the original edition.


Anchor Bible (1999), Edition: Updated, 752 pages


(30 ratings; 4.1)

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LibraryThing member dougshow
A wonderful, wonderful book which helped me better understand the birth narratives of Jesus in the Bible. This book is filled with information as each verse in those narratives and related prior texts in the Bible are looked at in considerable detail. And for me, as a mainline Protestant minister.
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Raymond Brown, now deceased, showed clearly that Roman Catholics and Protestants can do intensive biblical scholarship together, with considerable profit to both, even though there are some points were they, in line with their respective religious traditions, do differ markedly in their interpretations of specific texts. A large book, but well worth thoughtful and close study.
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LibraryThing member PastorBob
An excellent quality resource that should be on every pastor's shelf. A thorough synthesis of academic work on the birth narratives of Christ blended with Brown's solid and matured insight into the scriptures.
LibraryThing member ICCFaith
The truth behind the Gospel accounts of the Nativity,a classic by a renowned scholar, hailed as "masterly" and "definitive" in its original edition.
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