Only one way;: The message of Galatians

by John R. W Stott

Paper Book, 1973




To enclaves of young converts tucked away in the mountains of Asia Minor, Paul wrote what is perhaps the oldest document in the New Testament--the letter to the Galatians. What problems were they facing?Among a variety of religious authorities espousing different teachings, how were they to know who was right? How were men and women to be put right with God? How could Christians in the midst of a pagan culture live lives truly pleasing to God?'Only one way--' ansered Paul, 'through Jesus Christ.' His answer holds true for us as well. The details of our struggle have changed since Paul's day, but the principles he sets forth are as timeless as the Lord he exalts.In this book John Stott helpf us to understand and apply the message of Galatians in the face of contemporary challenges to our faith.… (more)


Inter-Varsity Pr (1973), 191 pages

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½ (21 ratings; 3.9)

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LibraryThing member MarthaLillie
This is an excellent short book on the book of Galations. It gives background and many interesting facts but also adds Paul's complete devotion to spreading the Word of God. He is determinded not to have it watered down by the Judaeizers.
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