Epistle to the Hebrews (New International Commentary on the New Testament)

by Frederick Fyvie Bruce

Hardcover, 1964




This statement reflects the underlying purpose of The New International Commentary on the New Testament. Begun in the late 1940s by an international team of New Testament scholars, the NICNT series has become recognized by pastors, students, and scholars alike as a critical yet orthodox commentary marked by solid biblical scholarship within the evangelical Protestant tradition. While based on a thorough study of the Greek text, the commentary introductions and expositions contain a minimum of Greek references. The NICNT authors evaluate significant textual problems and take into account the most important exegetical literature. More technical aspects such as grammatical, textual, and historical problems are dealt with in footnotes, special notes, and appendixes. Under the general editorship of three outstanding New Testament scholars first Ned Stonehouse (Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia), then F. F. Bruce (University of Manchester, England), and now Gordon D. Fee (Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia) the NICNT series has continued to develop over the years. In order to keep the commentary new and conversant with contemporary scholarship, the NICNT volumes have been and will be revised or replaced as necessary. The newer NICNT volumes in particular take into account the role of recent rhetorical and sociological inquiry in elucidating the meaning of the text, and they also exhibit concern for the theology and application of the text. As the NICNT series is ever brought up to date, it will continue to find ongoing usefulness as an established guide to the New Testament text."… (more)


William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company (1964), Edition: First Edition, 512 pages

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½ (36 ratings; 3.8)

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LibraryThing member deusvitae
A magisterial, thorough, scholarly mid 20th century Evangelical commentary on the letter to the Hebrews.

The author provides a thorough introduction. For every section of the text he provides a translation with copious notes detailing the critical textual issues involved with every major variant.
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His interpretations are thorough and engage on every matter of discussion and dispute which will likely come up.

I understand the impetus to update the NICNT with the Cockerill edition, and have not read that volume, but even though Bruce's tome is over 60 years old, it holds up strongly, indicating the quality of the work. He provides a great snapshot of the conversation regarding the text and its interpretation in the middle of the twentieth century, and that conversation remains relevant to this day. Other commentaries will update the conversation, but Bruce provides a great foundation.

Very much worth the reading when deeply studying Hebrews.
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