Reversed Thunder: The Revelation of John and the Praying Imagination

by Eugene H. Peterson

Paperback, 1988





Peterson's eloquent meditation on the Revelation of St. John engages the imagination and awakens the intellect to the vitality and relevance of the last words on scripture, Christ, church, worship, evil, prayer, witness, politics, judgement, salvation, and heaven.


HarperCollins Publishers (1988)

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LibraryThing member teamredd
Eugene Peterson's short work on the Apocalypse was both interesting and enjoyable. It is not an exegetical commentary, nor does it address many of the usual questions that stem from reading Revelation (i.e., what's the deal with "666," what about the Rapture, what is the nature of the millennium,
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etc). Rather, Peterson provides a series of meditations on the "last words" that John gives on topics including worship, the church, evil, judgment, salvation and heaven, with particular emphasis on the pastoral implications that the vision has for each. I was particularly impressed by Peterson's ability to tie the Revelation's various themes and symbols back into the rest of the canon. Even those not interested in the minutiae of eschatology will likely find this book edifying and stimulating.
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LibraryThing member Langley_Presbyterian
A clearly outlined commentary and interpretation of the Book of Revelation from an inslpired point of view.
LibraryThing member tehoese
Very good devotional commentary. Gets a little slow near the end.
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