Just Courage: God's Great Expedition for the Restless Christian

by Gary A. Haugen

Hardcover, 2008




"There must be more to the Christian life than this--more than church each Sunday and waving to my neighbors and giving some clothes to Goodwill when I go through my closet each spring."These aren't bad things, of course. But they're safe and comfortable and easy. And there's a reason they're not satisfying your desire for something more significant and meaningful--we're created by God for adventure.International Justice Mission president Gary Haugen has found that engaging in the fight for justice is the most deeply satisfying way of life. This book shows how we too can be a part of God's great expedition.


IVP Books (2008), 150 pages

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½ (17 ratings; 3.9)

User reviews

LibraryThing member HGButchWalker
Soul-stirring and challenging. This is one that you should read if you find yourself sometimes callous toward the down-trodden.
LibraryThing member AngelReadsThings
I felt that this was kind of a preachy book. He kept implying that only by serving through organizations like IJM which tackle international injustices in life-risking ways can you truly serve Jesus. It also seemed like the whole book was basically a commercial for IJM.

Nevertheless, there were some
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great portions of the book. I really enjoyed his implication of the meaning of justice through defining injustice. Also, I found the ending very inspiring.
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