by Bill Thrall

Paperback, 2004



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NavPress (2004), Edition: Revised, 160 pages


Karalaina DĂșcume always had whatever she wanted-a perfect figure, a perfect fiancĂ©e, a perfect future. The one thing she doesn't have is freedom. But when she throws it all away to marry the man of her dreams, she winds up losing everything she loves. Now, she has a chance to find the children she lost years ago. But can she do it with the Expermian government hot on her tail?Hairo Permaine V is the only one left who knows how to Train a Silver Fox, a skill the Expermian government would kill for. But when he discovers his mentor has committed the ultimate betrayal, he absconds with his family's secrets and vanishes into Outsider territory. But soon he finds he is being pursued by a Person so relentless, he will do anything to recapture Hairo's freedom. These two stories intertwine to reveal the secrets of the past as well as the truth of what happened during the Great Jelu Tragedy. And it all revolves around one very special girl.Intended for audiences 13+.… (more)

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LibraryThing member outofthemud
I'm still reading this book...for me, it has been life changing. I love the Room of Grace. God is sooo good.
LibraryThing member lschmitt
this book is about God's grace that goes beyond good intentions. People may have two different faces in life. God's grace helps us to be drawn into one face.
LibraryThing member Carolfoasia
I read this with amazing Elizabeth, and the dialogue was good. I find myself going back through my life and seeing that God has been steering me toward "The Room of Grace" rather than "The Room of Good Intentions" in order to release me. It took a while to figure that out, but I think I am on the
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train. :)

"There is no releasing without maturing.
There is no maturing without healing.
There is no healing without gifts of grace.
There are not gifts of grace out The Room of Grace.
There is not Room of Grace without a door marked
Living Out of Who God Says I am , opened with a doorknob of Humility.
There is no humility without choosing to walk a road called Trusting God.
Only then do I learn how God stands with me to resolve my sin."

This sums up the whole book! Love it!
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LibraryThing member aegossman
Very good message, highly accessible and quick reading but deep and beautiful content. They present a clear picture of what they are saying. It was a very good book that ought to be reviewed time and time again.
LibraryThing member SueinCyprus
Excellent. Such a refreshing view of the Christian life, and the importance of being 'real'. So many people hide behind masks, most of all in church circles. This book encourages us to trust God, to depend on him fully, and to put aside our need to put on a good appearance.

There's a lot more than
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that; all in all I found it very readable and immensely reassuring. Highly recommended.
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