Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith Participant's Guide

by Andy Stanley

Paperback, 2009



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Zondervan (2009), 96 pages


Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith by Andy Stanley is an exciting small group bible study that establishes the biblical case for five things God uses to grow an unshakable faith in you. Imagine how different your outlook on life would be if you had absolute confidence that God was with you. Imagine how differently you would respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things if you knew with certainty that God was in all of it and was planning to leverage it for good. In other words, imagine what it would be like to have PERFECT faith. In this new small group bible study, Andy Stanley builds a biblical case for five things God uses to grow BIG faith. This pack includes one DVD and one Participant Guide, filled with helpful discussion starters, video overviews, a useful Leader's Guide and much more. When used together, they provide a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth. Sessions include: 1. Big Faith 2. Practical Teaching 3. Providential Relationships 4. Private Disciplines 5. Personal Ministry 6. Pivotal Circumstances… (more)


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96 p.; 5.98 inches


0310324238 / 9780310324232



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