Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

by John Piper (Editor)

Other authorsBen Patterson (Contributor), Justin Taylor (Editor), Carolyn Mahaney (Contributor), C. J. Mahaney (Contributor), Mark Dever (Contributor), David Powlison (Contributor), R. Albert Mohler Jr. (Contributor), Michael Lawrence (Contributor), Carolyn McCulley (Contributor), Matt Schmucker (Contributor), Scott Croft (Contributor)
Paperback, 2005



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Crossway (2005), Edition: PAP/DVD, 288 pages


Celebrate sex for what God made it to be and fight what sin has turned it into. This book has something for all--men and women, married and single.

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No matter what your particular circumstances or interests, you will probably find several essays in this book that are worthwhile to you. The essays are not of equal quality, but the whole of the book is a positive statement about sex and marriage as one of the good things we are given by God to be
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used as directed by him and as is pleasing to him.
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