Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

by William Cutrer

Other authorsSandra Glahn (Author)
Paperback, 2007



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Kregel Publications (2007), Edition: 3, 344 pages


In a humorous and caring manner, Dr. Bill Cutrer provides medically and spiritually competent advice to the most common questions that couples would like to ask but often don't. This is not just another technical manual that leaves out the personal dimensions of sexuality.

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This easy-to-read book has marvelously blended the glory of sex with the realities of life. It addresses real people in a real world without compromising God's wonderful design and purpose for His gift of sex. There is no question that this groundbreaking work by Dr. William Cutrer and Sandi Glahn
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is the answer for those who wish to take the subject of sex out of the closet while keeping it out of the gutter. It will help those who read it address their actions and attitudes regarding sex in light of God's unique purpose for humankind. It will also provide hope, encouragement, and direction for those who are open and willing to bring their sexuality under the lordship of Jesus Christ. --Dr. Tony & Lois Evans ;Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship; (06/03/2004)
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