Small Group Leaders' Handbook: The Next Generation

by Sara Keiper

Other authorsAnn Beyerlein (Editor), Jimmy Long (Collaborator)
Paperback, 1995



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Intervarsity Pr (1995), 202 pages


Now completely rewritten, updated and expanded for a new generation of small group leaders, this IVP classic contains everything you need to know about small groups: starting with a strong biblical and strategic foundation; building in 4 key components--community, nurture, worship and outreach; guiding the group through its life stages; creating good communication; handling conflict in the group; encouraging members to "own" the group; planning group meetings; and developing leadership skills.And besides warm, wise counsel, Small Group Leaders' Handbook includes a resource section that's overflowing with great ideas: ice breakers, application steps, community-building projects, outreach tips and much more!Whether you are starting a new group, working to get a group back on track, or introducing a small group program as part of church or parachurch ministry, here is your ticket to effective foundations, training and practice.… (more)

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Similar to Donahue and Robinson’s work, Long and company provide a general overview of the nature and purpose of small group ministry. Emphasizing a four-fold mission of community, nurture, worship/prayer, and outreach, Small Group Leaders’ Handbook offers insight especially valuable for those
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uninitiated in the philosophy of small group ministry. C
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