Christian: A DVD Study: It's Not What You Think

by Andy Stanley

DVD, 2012



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Zondervan (2012), Edition: DVD


This eight-session video-based bible study (guide sold separately), join pastor and bestselling Andy Stanley as he examines the characteristics Jesus used to define those who follow him and the implications they have for believers today. In Christian, you'll learn: What one word should be descriptive of every Christian How Jesus' followers should treat those who are outside the faith Why people love Jesus but can't stand his followers What does is mean to be Christian? Curiously, the term is never used in Scripture. Instead, Christian was a label used by outsiders to define Jesus' followers. Jesus referenced 'disciple' as the key word he used to describe his supporters along with the fact that they would be known for their love - a novel concept for their time - and ours today. Through eight engaging and enlightening sessions, Andy Stanley unpacks these qualities Jesus prescribes for his followers that made them unique. What if believers today embodied these traits? Would the non-believing world put aside its definition of 'Christian' and instead know us by our love? Sessions include:  Brand Recognition (18:00) Quitters (15:00) Insiders, Outsiders (21:30) Showing Up (15:00) When Gracie Met Truthy (21:30) Angry Birds (23:00) Loopholes (19:30) Working It Out (18:00) Designed for use with the Christian Participant's Guide 9780310693345 (sold separately). When used together, they provide you with a practical tool that can help grow your faith.… (more)


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