Mom Set Free - Bible Study Book: Good News for Moms Who are Tired of Trying to be Good Enough

by Jeannie Cunnion

Paperback, 2017




LifeWay Press (2017), 176 pages


As moms, we're under constant pressure. We have to get it right in all areas of life--work, home, family, and faith--because our children's futures hinge on our ability to perfectly orchestrate the present. But those impossible standards leave us oscillating between worry, fear, anger, and shame. They threaten to steal all the wonder from parenting, life, and our personal relationship with God. In this 7-session study, discover how the gospel message can empower you to parent in the freedom of God's sovereignty. So that you can breathe deeper, walk lighter, and enjoy your children--and the parenting journey--more than ever before.Benefits: Thrive in what God has asked you to carry by abandoning all He hasn't asked of you.Embrace your significance in your children's lives in light of God's sovereignty.Trust God with the children He has entrusted to you.Receive the Lord's grace, so you can reflect that grace to your children.Learn to stop trying so hard, and allow yourself to simply enjoy your kids.Features: Leader tips to guide questions and discussions within small groupsPersonal study segments with homework to complete between 7 weeks of group sessionsOptional teaching videos, approximately 5-8 minutes in length per session, in digital download format to help start group sessions… (more)


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