Not a Fan: Follower's Journal

by Kyle Idleman

Paperback, 2016



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Idleman Kyle (2016)


This book challenges you to consider what it really means to call yourself a Christian. With a direct frankness that you're not likely to hear in Sunday school class, the author invites you to take an honest look at your relationship with Jesus. His call to follow may seem radical to us, but Jesus desires it for every believer. --from back cover.

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LibraryThing member skraft001
This book was given out as part of a series of sermons at church in the fall of 2012.
For everyone who says they are a Christian -- read this book to decide if you are a Fan or a true Follower of Christ.
LibraryThing member silva_44
This book was truly amazing. Kyle Idleman carefully, systematically, and with a wonderful combination of humor and brevity, defines what it means to be a truly committed follower of Christ. I would highly recommend this to any Christian interested in learning to say "no" to the world, and "yes" to
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LibraryThing member ChuckS65
Love it! What a powerful challenge to lukewarm Christianity. Engaging and deeply challenging, this is a book every Christian should read. I am still struck by the simple and probing question, "has following Jesus cost you anything?"
LibraryThing member DaleVanWyhe
He disappointed me in the fact that he didn't explain how the disabled people were fans or even could be fans.
LibraryThing member agentx216
I'm always a little nervous with picking up modern day Christian books that are written to "inspire". A lot of them like to focus on one Biblical story and take it out of context to motivate change (e.g., take the story of David and Goliath and ask "What are the "giants" in your life?"). So I tend
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to pick up books that are studies on the characteristics of God, Jesus, or events of the apostles/prophets and devine my own teaching. It is rare that I can find a book like Idleman's that combines the appropriate use of Scripture, taking verses in context, and making "rubber band" lessons. What do I mean by "rubber band" lessons? Teaching that is helpful when you are strenched and made to feel uneasy. THAT'S what I want to hear from a Christian inspiration book, because that's what The Bible presents to us. Keep your "health, wealth, and prosperity" and give me something that hurts to apply.

This book is motivating and convicting. It asks the hard questions. Am I only a fan of Christ where I sit in the stands and cheer for Him when it's convient for me? Or do I follow Christ even when it hurts. Like I said, "rubber band" lessons.

It's hard to rate books like this because you will only get out of it what you put in. If you just want interesting and funny stories - they're in there. If you want to superficially ask yourself the questions presented and want to feel good about your current standing with God - you can do that. If you are looking to challenge your Christian walk and wanting to see that what Jesus calls for us to be as Christ FOLLOWERS is not a brainless call. Pick this up. Final Grade - A
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LibraryThing member jmcdbooks
Rated: A
Great book for those committed to being, not just a fan of Jesus Christ, but a true all-in follower. I am not a fan.


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