A Contrarian's Guide to Knowing God: Spirituality for the Rest of Us

by Larry Osborne

Paperback, 2007



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Multnomah Books (2007), Edition: 1St Edition, 224 pages


An updated edition with two all-new chapters, a new introduction, and a fresh look, this book challenges widely accepted ideas about what it means to know God and offers fresh paths for pursuing genuine spirituality.      This practical guide speaks to those who are weary of formulaic faith or who are haunted by nagging doubts about the church, as well as those who find the traditional spiritual disciplines impractical or even agonizing because of their personal wiring. Easy to read but filled with challenging ideas, this book provides a spiritual foundation for pastors and teachers, committed Christians, and anyone interested in discovering God for themselves but wary of predictable paths.

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LibraryThing member harpua
I'm typically reading 3 books at once. Two fiction (one I carry with me and another on my night stand) and then a non-fiction which I have in any number of places and will read when I have 5 or 10 minutes. Because I read this in very short bursts, it tends to take me a bit longer to finish one.

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is one that actually worked well for those quick bursts. The chapters / sections were short and I could complete one in the time I had available. This one appealed to me greatly as I kind of consider myself one of those Christians that don't necessarily fit the "mold." I always tried to fit into the patterns of what I thought a Christian should be. This book helped me in many ways realize that what I perceived as rules were really just tools and that I need to focus more on my relationship with Christ than on the "process" of being a Christian. Great eye-opening stuff and would recommend this to anyone whether you're a believer or a seeker.
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