On the Psychology of Military Incompetence

by Norman F. Dixon

Paperback, 2016


Basic Books (2016), Edition: First Trade Paper Edition, 528 pages


This unique and penetrating book surveys 100 years of military inefficiency from the Crimean War, through the Boer conflict, to the disasterous campaigns of the First World War and the calamities of the Second. It examines the social psychology of military organizations, provides case studies of individual commanders and identifies an alarming pattern in the causes of military disaster. 'An absorbing, perceptive and often very funny study in human frailty. . . . stimulating and almost invariably provocative. ' Lord Chalfont, LISTENER

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LibraryThing member christineplouvier
Fascinating brief analyses of the personalities who were responsible for the worst military disasters in history. Just a little bit dated, in the Freudian part (1976 edition in paperback).




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