Wildhood: The Astounding Connections between Human and Animal Adolescents

by Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz

Hardcover, 2019


Scribner (2019), 368 pages


Family & Relationships. Psychology. Science. Nonfiction. HTML:Publishers Weekly Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2019 A New York Times Editor's Pick People Best Books Fall 2019 Chicago Tribune 28 Books You Need to Read Now Booklist's Top Ten Sci-Tech Books of 2019 "It blew my mind to discover that teenage animals and teenage humans are so similar. Both are naive risk-takers. I loved this book!" ‚??Temple Grandin, author of Animals Make Us Human and Animals in Translation A revelatory investigation of human and animal adolescence and young adulthood from the New York Times bestselling authors of Zoobiquity. With Wildhood, Harvard evolutionary biologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and award-winning science writer Kathryn Bowers have created an entirely new way of thinking about the crucial, vulnerable, and exhilarating phase of life between childhood and adulthood across the animal kingdom. In their critically acclaimed bestseller, Zoobiquity, the authors revealed the essential connection between human and animal health. In Wildhood, they turn the same eye-opening, species-spanning lens to adolescent young adult life. Traveling around the world and drawing from their latest research, they find that the same four universal challenges are faced by every adolescent human and animal on earth: how to be safe, how to navigate hierarchy; how to court potential mates; and how to feed oneself. Safety. Status. Sex. Self-reliance. How human and animal adolescents and young adults confront the challenges of wildhood shapes their adult destinies. Natterson-Horowitz and Bowers illuminate these core challenges through the lives of four animals in the wild: Ursula, a young king penguin; Shrink, a charismatic hyena; Salt, a matriarchal humpback whale; and Slavc, a roaming European wolf. Through their riveting stories‚??and those of countless others, from adventurous eagles and rambunctious high schooler to inexperienced orcas and naive young soldiers‚??readers get a vivid and game-changing portrait of adolescent young adults as a horizontal tribe, sharing behaviors and challenges, setbacks and triumphs. Upending our understanding of everything from risk-taking and anxiety to the origins of privilege and the nature of sexual coercion and consent, Wildhood is a profound and necessary guide to the perilous, thrilling, and universal journey to adulthood on plan… (more)

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LibraryThing member bangerlm
This was a super interesting observational comparison of the behaviors and trials of adolescent animals and humans. I feel like an abridged version of the book might be beneficial for adolescent's to read.
LibraryThing member MarthaJeanne
This is a fascinating book about adolescents - both human and animal. I'm sure both young people and their parents would find that they understood the process a lot better if they read this. I'm also sure some of the parents would be frightened along the way. My advice: keep reading. The final
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chapters will make you feel better.

I read the German translation. I really appreciated that the translator often added in the original term.
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